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It’s a great pleasure to see you at astrologerbbs.com.

Our motive is to make the people aware with the astrology, latest researches and features  to get the benefit of our ancient & occult science
Normally we believe that an astrologer will solve our problems within 24 hours (As shown normally in ads in some newspapers and magazines). This is not true and is possible only with strange or miracle. 
The motive of Astrology is to give a right consultation in right direction and to decode the future.

This is a moral duty of an astrologer to suggest you about your good and bad time & should show the right path and time to what to do or not to do as per the movement of planets in the transit, your Mahadasha & planetary positions in your horoscope. 
With the help of Astrology we can know so many things of our life where the Science is silent.

You can know about you. What you are? What is your strength & weakness? Your way of earning? Your wealth/property? Your friends, relatives, enemies, Life & Business Partner. About your Career......

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