About us :

Namaskar ! I am B.B.Sharma promoter of this site and founder of ‘Vedic Jyotish Kendra.’ Welcome you in astrologerbbs.com with great pleasure. 

Why I have chosen this Astrology field?

I belong to a traditional North Indian Hindu Brahmin family. My grand father was a renowned priest in Birla Mandir (world's biggest temple at New Delhi and it’s my pride that I was born at same place. We were in Birla Mandir from 1933 to 1974. There were some more great scholars in my family who contributed a lot in Indian Vedic Science. My grand father had a great knowledge of Indian Vedic Astrology and ‘Karm Kand.’ He was the great scholar of Sanskrit and very much familiar with Urdu and Persian language. I am proud to born in a great family and I got knowledge of this spiritualism and ancient Indian Occult Science from my forefathers. From my child hood I am familiar with the words of astrology like ‘Kundali’, ‘Grah’, ‘Nakshatras’, ‘Rashi’, ‘Panchang’ etc and used to dream about the day when I will be an astrologer like my grand father. 

I am also a science student with Engineering background from Delhi. In 30 years of my career I spend about 20 years with Multi National Companies & out of which spend some years in abroad working with peoples of so many different countries.  

I am also honored by ''JYOTISH ACHARYA" .I have been at my own practicing and giving the services of Astrology, Palmistry, Vastu etc. and remedies also for last so 15 years.  

I use latest software only for mathematic calculations

Mainly I predict by horoscopes and also take help of Palmistry, Numerology, and Vastu Shastra etc. 

  I give my predictions as per my experience; qualification and knowledge / blessings of my Guru, forefathers and Goddess mother Sarasvati. 

I advise the remedies as suggested by our Indian Traditional Vedic books.

My remedies are Vedic Mantras; Yantras; Anushthans for trouble creating planets; Stones recommendations; color therapy; Daans and herbal treatments

Friends! Easy to understand astrology, but need a birth to become an astrologer because this could not possible without the grace of Goddess Saraswati. You can’t predicts till your heart is not pure and without any self & cheat


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