Astrological Services & Consultancy:

  • Whole Life Predictions
  • Predictions for next some years
  • Career /Business / Profession / Job
  • Marriage / Manglik Dosh / Match making / Horoscope Compatibility
  • Love Affairs
  • Children / Child Birth
  • Wealth / Finance
  • Education
  • Property
  • Travels : (Long / Short / Foreign Trips)
  • Vehicle
  • Health
  • Longevity
  • Spiritualism / Religious faith
  • Mental condition
  • About your all Relatives / Friends / Servants
  • Business partnership
  • Sade Sati Influence / Kaalsurp Yoga / Manglik Dosh and Nivaran
  • Gems / stone Suggestions
  • Mahurat
  • Horary (Prashan)
  • Remedies


      Special Services:-

i) Muhurat:

According to Indian Vedic astrology, selection of most auspicious time for starting or performing any auspicious work (Marriage, Joining New Job, Starting Education, Graha Pravesh, Buying New Property or Vehicle, Interviews, Child Birth Etc.) is called ‘Mahurat’ or Elect ional Astrology.

If you believe in Karma Theory and Vedic astrology, you should also follow Vedic ‘Muhurat’ system to minimize ill-effects of planetary position. If you will select an auspicious time or ‘Muhurat’ to perform a specific work, chances of success would be very high. Most important, if you are planning to travel, you must get an auspicious date and time to departure and arrival. It shalll make you successful and traveling should be very profitable.

We will read your horoscope and transit of current planets to give a most auspicious time to following:-

  1. Auspicious time to buy a Property, Home, Vehicle, Machine, Computer etc.
  2. Starting a new business, signing work contracts, partnership etc.
  3. Filing a Court Case or Litigation
  4. Construction of New Home
  5. Graha Pravesh
  6. Marriage Ceremony
  7. Mundan Sanskar
  8. Travel
  9. Joining new Job
  10. Transfer
  11. Taking Medicine
  12. Best time for Surgical Operation
  13. Best Day, Date and Time to Appear in a Interview/Test or Exam
  14. Know more about getting children through our astrology based Progeny Reports on Children.

ii) Horary (Prashan) : 

Horary astrology, one of the oldest forms of astrology is used to answer a specific question, usually, but not always, involving a yes or no answer. Meaning, “of the hour”, Horary is founded on the premise that the answer to a question lies in the moment it is asked. The existence of a problem implies that the solution also exists and is held in the moment of inquiry. The Horary chart is calculated for the time the astrologer receives and understands the question. The matter must be of personal significance and meaning for the person asking the question. There must be a sincere and valid need for the answer.

If, you want to know about your future or any specific question you have, but you don’t have birth details, Not a Problem. Ask your Question.

You have to just give current time (time of asking a question), and your current country and city name.  

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